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Franz Schubert, declared the English musicologist George Grove in 1883 in fervently Romantic tones, only had to “read the poem, and the appropriate tune, married to immortal verse (a marriage, in his case, truly made in heaven), rushed into his mind, and to the end of his pen.” In a creative life spanning less than 20 years, Schubert wrote over 600 songs—a musical treasure trove that is as diverse as it is inexhaustible. The Pierre Boulez Saal’s Schubert Week, curated by Thomas Hampson, once again unites a group of veteran and up-and-coming artists to explore a selection of these works, together with compositions by Schubert’s contemporaries.

Veranstaltungen in Berlin: ÖFFENTLICHER WORKSHOP
© Peter Adamik

Two public workshops under the direction of Thomas Hampson offer rare insights into the training and development of young talented singers.I

- Selected Songs by Franz Schubert and his Contemporaries

n Cooperation with Lied Akademie des Internationalen Liedzentrums Heidelberg & Hampsong Foundation
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