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“The promised asparagus” is a docu-performance about Romanian seasonal workers and a generation of children growing up missing them.

Delicate, white tips emerge temptingly from the earth as the sunlight gently kisses them. The asparagus, a symbol of culinary sophistication and revered as a cultural asset in Germany, embodies the absolute pinnacle of enjoyment.

  • The treat for the palate cost €14.90 this year at Beelitz asparagus farms.
  • The Romanian workers in the fields earn €12.41 per hour.
The big asparagus promise: Earn enough money in one season to make the lives of children in Romania better. The reality is often different, for both parents and children.

In “The promised asparagus” seasonal workers have their say and it is explored what continuous missing does to children.

Free entry, no ticket required

Program in English, Romanian, German

Documentary performance by Dan Boldea, Selma Böhmelmann and Justin Filip