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According to Einstein's theory of relativity, there is an inseparable link between time and space. As the universe expands, different generations are confronted with different realities. The younger generations are demanding that the Baby Boomers take responsibility, which is leading to a growing gap between the generations.

At the same time, older generations are complaining about the younger generation, labelling them as sensitive and overly concerned. Unfortunately, this dynamic is increasingly leading to conflict and extremism, and instead of acting together, we are coming under pressure from each other. Instead of confronting current problems, there are increased efforts to colonise other planets.

PROJECT INTUS is dedicated to promoting intergenerational understanding and the capacity for self-reflection. It also explores the themes of punishment and repentance and tells the story of an astronaut who plunges into a black hole and struggles with outdated values. The project reflects on the relationship with parents and self-realisation. It also sheds light on the darker side of society and advocates a better understanding between the generations. The minimalist set transforms the space into a dystopian setting and aims to save this planet and create a vision of collaboration and self-knowledge.
Additional information
Text: Hoyoung Im

Choreography: Hoyoung Im

Music: Hoyoung Im

Audiovisual: Hoyoung Im

Stage and Costume Design: Soojin Oh

Co-Lighting Design: Josef Maaß

Production Assistant: Jieun Kang