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"Deppen-Detox" is the successor to Suzanne Grieger-Langer's hit show "Cool im Kreuzfeuer." A lively mixture of live criminalistics, revelations and investigative clarification. And all this with the best entertainment, wordplay and power of speech! "Deppen-Detox" is a detox program - against toxic people. Who does not know that: If one is pulled over the table by Deppen, one feels even like a Depp! But who is actually the douche?

Tempodrom © Michael Bernschein

Profiler Suzanne clarifies and sensitizes to recognize the pitfalls of everyday life. She investigates - live on stage. She reveals tricks and immunizes against whistle blowers and psychopaths. Those who know Profiler Suzanne will get their money's worth with "Deppen-Detox": bitter revelations, cracking funny punchlines, truths that leave you stunned, and a look into the abysses of the soul. So "Deppen-Detox" is not for the faint-hearted who want to continue believing in an ideal world. Profiler Suzanne's show takes you into the world of the psyche of criminal milieus and vicious characters. The "Deppen-Detox" is the best entertainment, which takes everyone to the core of the truth and to the unmasking of lies.

(Program in German)

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