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The jail was right across from what is now the main train station. In a hurry, hardly anyone takes the time to look behind the wall of the history park Former Cell Prison Moabit.

This evening hike takes time for the history, architecture and culture of the new Europacity. Past the Rieckhallen behind the Hamburger Bahnhof, we walk along the Berlin-Spandau shipping canal over the new Europa Bridge past the former grain storage facility to the Kiel Bridge.

  • Meeting point: Invalidenstraße in front of the entrance to the historical park at the main train station, Lehrter Str. 5B; Tram, bus, trains: main station
  • City Guide: Dr. Torsten Flüh
  • For city hikers
  • Cost: €12
  • Aimed at: Adults
  • Program in German
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