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As part of Understanding Prison. Before human rights organisations began to report on abuses and crimes in prisons in MENA countries, the work of (former) prisoners formed the basis for political and legal interventions.

During the three days of "Understanding Prison: Carceral Culture and Human Rights in the MENA Region", the multidisciplinary work of the MENA Prison Forum and the Syrian artist Khaled Barakeh will be presented in an exhibition. On display will be works from the past five years of the Forum, ranging from artistic artefacts to written and visual documents about the prison complex in the Middle East.

  • The exhibition is curated by Ayman Nahle of Mena Prison Forum and Khaled Barakeh.
  • On Thursday, the two curators will give a guided tour of the exhibition.
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30.11., 17:00-22:00, 1.12., 10:00-22:00, 2.12., 13:00-22:00