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Take the controller in your hand and decide what happens on stage! You can decide what the characters do. But can you also choose who you are? Are you manipulating the characters or are you being manipulated yourself? And what about the others? After all, everyone has a controller. “Press Play” is an interactive performance in which the audience directs together. The Belgian digital specialists from playField use philosophical, sociological, data science, astronomical and mathematical research as a starting point to reflect on society.

Szene aus Press Play - playField & KOPERGIETERY
Szene aus Press Play - playField & KOPERGIETERY © Kurt van der Elst

Together with KOPERGIETERY, a cultural venue for young people with a focus on drama, dance and music in Ghent, famous for its inventiveness, playField takes young and older spectators in search of the world behind avatars and hidden algorithms that mysteriously guide us. You decide: Join in or rebel?

Interactive performance for all from 10 years

60 min.

(Program in German)
Additional information
Participating artists
Tim De Paepe (Coaching)
Brecht Lauwers (Dank an)
Jens De Wulf (Dank an)
Bavo De Kuysscher (Dank an)
Tim De Paepe (Dank an)
Nerdlab (Vorarbeit im Zusammenwirken mit)
GEMH lab & Koontz Interactive (Vorläufige Recherche)
Eline Willemarck (Kostüm)
Katrien Baetslé (Kostüm)
Leentje Kerremans (Kostüm)
Gielke Smet (Bühnenbild)
Polien Demeulemeester (Bühnenbild)
Kris van Oudenhoven (Bühnenbild)
Frederik Van Onsem (Sound)
Jeroen Doise (Lichtdesign)
Seppe Van Hecke (Controller Design)
Jamie Goegebeur (Controller Design)
Genia Rappé (Datenvisualisierung)
Jan Everaert (Crashlab) (Software-Entwickler)
Carine van Bruggen (Sprecherin)
Ilja Van Autreve Coaching: Tim De Paepe (Durchführung)
Marthe Schneider (Durchführung)
Lana Schneider (Durchführung)
Yemi Oduwale (Durchführung)
playField (Konzept)
Hebbel am Ufer - HAU3
Hebbel am Ufer - HAU3
Hebbel am Ufer - HAU3