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Since 2019, the AsianArt Ensemble has been organizing the fourth edition of the successful workshop.

Asian Art Ensemble:

  • Hong Yoo, Daegeum
  • Naoko Kikuchi, Koto
  • Youjin Sung, Gayageum
  • Matthew Leupold, violin
  • Wolfgang Bender, violin
  • Chang Yun Yoo, viola
  • Boram Lie, cello
  • Matthias Bauer, double bass
  • Adam Weisman, Janggu, drums
  • Il-Ryun Chung, Janggu, Musical Director

World premieres by Heng Chen, Sunghyun Lee, Kyungjin Lim, Dongsun Shin, Kano Watanabe, Jialu Yang and Tingrui Zhang

Admission: €15, reduced €10
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