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(The Shape of Things to Come)

The Babylon cinema will premiere the Peruvian feature film TIEMPOS FUTUROS (The Shape of Things to Come), with the exclusive presence of director Víctor Checa, who will travel especially to present his film and talk to the audience.

TIEMPOS FUTUROS (The Shape of Things to Come) is a science fiction story set in a dystopian version of the Peruvian capital Lima and tells the story of the relationship between a father and his son through the construction of a mysterious machine. This is supposed to trigger a deluge in a city where it never rains.

The father is obsessed with making the machine work, but the eleven-year-old son gets involved with a gang of young spies while trying to help him, which leads him to discover the hidden nature of the machine.
Additional information
The screening is in Spanish with English subtitles.