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A city walk through Potsdam city center and Babelsberg Park

The tour explores the tension between power and protest as well as between the military and civil society in Potsdam during and after the revolution of 1848/49. The tour starts at the Triumphal Gate, which was built in 1850 to commemorate the military suppression of the revolution in south-west Germany by the Prussian rulers.

The walk leads from there to today's Max Dortu elementary school and then to the former city palace, today's state parliament. It ends in Babelsberg Park at the Michael Monument erected in 1853.

The different perspectives on the revolution of 1848/49 are presented: that of the tactical strategist Friedrich Wilhelm IV, that of the revolutionary Max Dortu, who fought for a democratic society, and that of the gravedigger of the revolution, "Grape Prince" Wilhelm, later Kaiser Wilhelm I In Babelsberger Park we ask what an appropriate commemoration of the democratic awakening of 1848 in Potsdam could look like today.

Duration of the walk: about 3 hours

The city tour is organized by the Memorial Cemetery of the March Fallen Berlin as part of the anniversary program 175 years of revolution 1848/49
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Meeting point: Triumphtor at the Mühlenberg, Schopenhauerstraße, 14469 Potsdam

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Admission free, donations requested