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When Jens Balzer and Tobi Müller launched Popsalon many years ago, when Berlin was still very small, they counted on the power of modern communication channels from the very beginning. Without the help of the mass medium Flux FM, the two would have remained just funny pop gnomes.

Deutsches Theater Aussenansicht
Deutsches Theater Aussenansicht © Arno Declair

From then on, their eyes widened when they had to deal with a radio presenter outside each Popsalon who actually talked even more than they did. His name was Winson and he was still very small at the beginning. This preview of the Popsalon, which over time got completely out of hand in terms of both time and content, was edited by Ueli Häfliger, who, like Müller, comes from a very small country, which Balzer always commented on with "bizarre".

After decades of growth, this success story also had to end: Winson and Ueli Häfliger left Flux FM and launched the pop podcast with the "bizarre" name "Goldstückli". As the season draws to a close, they celebrate the end of an era and already clearly recognize the beginning of a golden age.
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