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Balzer and Müller's Popsalon is starting the new year with a very special guest. Malakoff Kowalski is not just the only man in Berlin who still knows how to wear a Helmut Schmidt hat with style. He is also one of the greatest musicians and composers our small town has to offer.

His self-description is as follows: “What I know: My parents were born in Tehran, I was born in Boston, I grew up in Hamburg, and I now live in Berlin. I love nothing more than music. Everything else is question marks, exclamation marks, dashes.” His work includes records, films and incidental music for the theater.

He recently released his solo album Piano Aphorisms, the third in a piano trilogy, and his film music for Leander Haußmann's Stasi comedy. He is currently producing the score for the ARD series Sexually Available with Laura Tonke in the leading role and the film music for the rape drama You Wanted It Too by Saralisa Volm.

In the broadcast on radioeins he regularly presents “a stream of consciousness through his music collection, far away from genre boundaries” - an ideal guest for Balzer and Müller, who have been letting their streams of consciousness carry them across all genre boundaries in the Popsalon for thirteen years now (anniversary!) .

If anyone needs to get some fresh air, the indoor smoking terrace is open as always.
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