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4th edition pop im ausland (PIA4/23) oscillates between post, electronic and
techno-punk and heralds the grand finale of the popular concert series at Club

On November 17, COSEY MUELLER, FRAU ZWEI and SPRÖDE LIPPEN will be our musical acts.  

The concert series has existed for 8 years and has made it its mission to highlight the fringes of pop music and create a kind of sound laboratory for music lovers. Unusual designs, inventiveness and an unconditional will to express are as crucial as a strong performance.  

Cosey Mueller is a self-made musician coming from the depths of Berlin's underground scene, exploring electronic sounds in the most intuitive way, never forgetting her love for rock n roll. In 2023 she is back with a new release "Irrational Habits". Her music features repetitive synth melodies, explosive beats, expressive vocals and a playful approach to language.

Frau Zwei are reincarnated Frau Frankenstein and Spüllboy originally from Brno. Frau Frankenstein's instrumental components were based o
n fast dance styles such as free techno, DNB, breakcore or digital hardcore. Frau Zwei incorporates slower tempos into their music and experiments with a much larger variety of styles like techno, punk, hardcore, screamo, lo-fi, chiptune etc. Frau Zwei, a four-piece band with female and male vocals, is a dirty dancing afterparty.

SPRÖDE LIPPEN from Bremen grind their way through hearing and basement hallways with lyrical polaroid snapshots, stumbling electronics and gloomy wave. They rub up against the times in order to smear everything on the listener's bread in the end.   Tickets for pop im ausland (PIA4/23) are available now and can be purchased online or at the box office.  

  • PIA is supported by Musicboard Berlin GmbH.        

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