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Reading and conversation with Lioba Happel & Tom Bresemann

Pommfritz, the first-person narrator in Lioba Happel's novel, writes to his "father in the Emment Valleys", whom he saw once a long time ago. He talks about his childhood, which he spent tied to a table leg with a violent mother who devoured grilled chicken and fries.

It's about visits to the social welfare office, about the toughest tests among young people in the special school and about solitary confinement in prison, where he is on the lowest level of crime because he killed his mother and ate - well, just a piece of her: her fingertip.

That evening, Lioba Happel presents “Pommfritz from Hell” (poodle and pinscher, 2021) and talks to Tom Bresemann about the antihero of the book and the macabre in literature.

Lioba Happel has been working as a writer and translator for decades. She also worked in the school and social sectors for many years. She has published both poetry and prose and has received various awards. Most recently: the Alice Salomon Poetics Prize 2021 for “Pommfritz aus der Hölle”, for which she was also nominated for the Swiss Book Prize in 2022, and the Swiss Literature Prize 2023. After long stays in England, Ireland, Italy and Spain, she now lives in Berlin and Lausanne.

Tom Bresemann lives in Berlin as an author, musician and organizer. He published four volumes of poetry, most recently “about every word that communicates to people through the mouth” (KLAK Verlag, 2023), as well as three records. He is a co-founder of Lettrétage and has been co-house manager since 2018. For his literary work, he received, among other things, the working scholarship for Berlin authors.