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Just a stone's throw from Spandau train station, Samson has been presenting Poetry Slam Spandau for four years. The best poetry slam in Spandau. The only poetry slam in Spandau.

In the theater hall of the Kulturhaus Spandau, experienced word artists compete with self-written texts in a highly entertaining competition with brave people from the neighborhood who want to perform. The rules are always the same: everything must be self-written, no costumes or props, no singing! The audience decides who leaves the evening as the winner.

The spectacle is crowned by a Best Of edition, which is held every summer on the open-air stage at the Citadel.

Welcome to the world's most spandau poetry slam.

Open list: Those willing to perform can sign up in advance at or just show up spontaneously at the box office. If there are too many spontaneous registrations, we will draw lots!

Wheelchair users please contact the Kulturhaus Spandau directly at 030 - 333 40 22

  • Language: German
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