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Musical reading of the biography by author Wolfgang Martin

In the GDR, the Greifswald-born pianist, singer, composer and arranger was regarded as an "exceptional artist of genius". Holger Biege listened to the great works of classical music at an early age, was enthusiastic about the Beatles and inspired by American soul and new music. His two Amiga albums "Wenn der Abend kommt" and "Circulus" are among the best in GDR pop history.

Author and music journalist Wolfgang Martin describes the "rollercoaster ride" of his friend Holger Biege's life. Together with singer Gerd Christian, Holger Biege's brother, he will present his latest book as part of a musical reading.

Date: Sunday, 18.02.2024
Start: 17:00

Location: Peter Edel Education and Cultural Centre
                 Berliner Allee 125, 13088 Berlin

Tickets: €22.50 (online and ticket shop on location, plus booking fee)- €25.00 (box office)

(Program in German)

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