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by Aristophanes

Why is wealth distributed so unequally among people? How can this be changed and does it even make sense if everyone owns the same amount?

The poet Aristophanes asked these questions over 2,500 years ago. In his final comedy, Pluto, the god of wealth, is blind. Therefore he cannot see how unfairly his gifts are distributed. This is the starting point of the comedy, which is about money and greed.

Chremylos, a respectable merchant, is fed up with living in poverty while others - thieves, fraudsters, managers, bankers and so-called representatives of the people - accumulate more and more wealth. When the chance for a better life presents itself to him, he takes it. He helps the god to heal his blindness. Plutos can see again and ownership changes. But new problems immediately arise. Formerly rich people complain, whine about the loss of their wealth and threaten to take them to court. Even God Hermes no longer wants to serve the gods, but wants to live where it is pleasant. According to the motto: Where I am happy is my fatherland.

Penia, the goddess of poverty, tries to justify the necessary existence of poverty with an urgent speech, but she can no longer change the new ownership structure. She loses a public speaking duel, is laughed at and driven away. But it threatens to come back, because poverty must always exist. Is she right? Does money rule the world?

After the successful production of “The Birds”, the tfk ensemble will bring another comedy by Aristophanes to the stage. The choir's texts, which had not survived, were rewritten and the music was composed for this production.

  • Directed and edited by Anemone Poland
  • Music composition: Dirk Rave
  • Stage: Robert Schmidt-Matt
  • Costumes: Gertraud Wahl-Deschan & Nathalie Säwert
  • Lighting design: Katri Kuusimäki
The theaterforum kreuzberg ensemble plays: Christine Detmers, David Ford, Martin Hamann, Pia Herenz, Charlotte Hohlstein, Simon Mayer, Svenja Otto, Patrick Papke, Esteban Castro Ramos, Alex van Ric, Sabine Roßberg, Romana Schneider-Otto, Raphael Souza Sat

on accordion: Dirk Rave / Gerhard Schiewe

With funding from the Heinz and Heide Dürr Foundation

(Progam in German)
Additional information
Participating artists
Anemone Poland (Regie)
Dirk Rave (Musik)
Robert Schmidt-Matt (Bühne)
Nathalie Säwert (Kostüm)
Gertraud Wahl-Deschan (Kostüm)