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Nicoleta Esinencu & teatru-spălătorie / HAU

In Moldova, like everywhere else, the conquest of the capitalist system and technological progress have changed everything in recent decades. The notion of the future as a communal project, promising a good life for everybody, has become a distant memory.

Today, all live in a world where there is less and less togetherness and more and more of an exploited, alienated, and stressed self. The system wants us to work tirelessly and never sleep.

The second part of the trilogy “Symphony of Progress” reclaims the right to tell the story of the East, by the East, as well and the right to imagine an alternative to capitalism again. Through interviews and personal accounts, Nicoleta Esinencu and the teatru-spălătorie collective create a new archive that gives voices from Eastern Europe a chance to be heard. In doing so, “Playing on Nerves. A Punk Dream” becomes the nightmare of capitalism.

(German / English / Moldavian Romanian / Russian)

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Additional information
Participating artists
Artiom Zavadovsky (Team)
Doriana Talmazan (Team)
Kira Semionov (Team)
Nora Dorogan (Team)
Ciprian Marinescu (Team)
Nicoleta Esinencu (Von)
teatru-spălătorie (Von)
Artiom Zavadovsky (Performance)
Doriana Talmazan (Performance)
Kira Semionov (Performance)
Neonil Roșca (Technische Umsetzung)
Sergiu Iachimov (Technik)
Aenne Quiñones (Künstlerische Beratung)
Jana Penz (Produktionsleitung)
Anette Becker (Technische Leitung)
Janis Klinkhammer (Sound HAU)
Lea Schneidermann (Licht HAU)
Ciprian Marinescu (Übersetzung moldawisches Rumänisch ins Deutsche)
Frank Weigand (Übersetzung moldawisches Rumänisch ins Deutsche)
Artiom Zavadovsky (Übersetzung moldawisches Rumänisch ins Englische)