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Artist Kübra Yarar studied at the Faculty of Fine Arts at Muğla University. She established an art studio in Gümüşlük, Bodrum, called "Artists at Work". Later, she transformed this studio into an art production platform by opening its doors to artists from different countries. She also organized international artist residency programs at the Eklisia Art Center in Gümüşlük.

Ausstellung GRAU Behelfsbild
Ausstellung GRAU Behelfsbild visitBerlin, GRAFIK MSF

The artist describes her painting as follows: "In my compositions, I describe people's dilemma about life, their choices and the places they want to be. I am particularly interested in the contrast between one's persona and the external persona imposed by society. Over time, the people in my paintings have lost first their gender and then their persona."
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  • 22. October - 3 December 2022                 
  • Vernissage, Friday 21.10.2022, 19 - 22 h
  • Tue - Thu: 15 - 19 and FR /SA: 12 - 19 h o. n. v.
  • for Schöneberger Art 2022: 5. November: 14 - 20 h, 6. November: 12 - 18 h

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