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How does the development of new technologies shape self-perception? NON FUCKABLE TOKENS (NFTs) is a performance by Claudix Vanesix, XR artist from Peru, that combines Performance Art with Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality to critically display the impact of technology in our era. The work explores the development of internet culture from a decolonial feminist perspective, making explicit the misogyny that underlies in digital spaces.

This performance also reflects on how futuristic narratives can be in dialogue with ancestral identities.

*Following the performance you are invited to ANTIKOLONIAL BODIES / Activism, Collective Feminism, BIPoC Futurism, a conversation with Areli Moran, Claudix Vanesix, Sharon Mercado Nogales.

  • Director: Claudix Vanesix
  • Production: AMiXR
  • Music: Jorge Pablo Tantavilca
With the support of Teatro a Mil Foundation, Goethe-Institut, Sala de Parto

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