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A story emerges. whose story? The Story of the Storytellers.  And so a little caterpillar sees the light of day. But when playing with the big ones, the little caterpillar gets the short end of the stick. So she sets out into the world to look for her own kind. Her path is adventurous and she almost gets lost in a big storm.

Finally found again, the little caterpillar continues its own story. And a crazy taxi finally takes them to their destination: a lush green piece of nature. And indeed, she finds a friend there. Together they take courage and the great transformation begins.

A sonorous stage play will be shown in pictures for getting creative in dealing with recycling in a hilly landscape made of colorful rubbish. Everyday and derogatory things populate the stage, lovingly prepared.

(Program in German)
Additional information
Participating artists
Iana Boitcova (Lichtdesign)
Tanya Kargaeva (Idee/ Konzept)
Tanya Kargaeva (Spiel)
Marco Riedel (Bühne)
Anna-Luisa Scholze (Spiel)
Larissa Werner (Regie/ Theatervermittlung)