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“One day, a child planted three dots. And they grew into lines…” In this fascinating journey into the world of the simplest shapes, an empty white stage becomes a universe full of imagination in which little dots call the shots again and again. A dancer and a juggler transform themselves into lines and into landscapes using movement, illusion, acrobatic games and old school overhead projectors.

The dots stand for the moon in the sky, fly through the air as balls, turn into a buzzing fly, into a seed, into a big tree or creep about through the space as snakes. This is a poetic piece of theater that leaves a great deal of space for the strong imaginations of very young audiences.

Company Portmanteau is Mira Ravald and Luis Sartori do Vale. The two performers have their roots in contemporary circus but pursue an interdisciplinary approach in their joint work and create productions that are deeply resonant on the visual level. They were nominated for the International Circus Award in 2021.

Duration 40 minutes
without spoken language
Additional information
Concept, performance Mira Ravald, Luis Sartori do Vale Light design J ere Mönkkönen Music Petteri Rajanti Production WHS Funded by TAIKE, WHS Teatteri Union, Cirko, Annantalo, Subtopia The festival performance is suppported by Finnland-Institut