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jazz and brazilian music

The Berlin duo Pippo Miller combines elements of jazz, Brazilian and Western European music to create a sound that is both innovative and rooted in tradition. Her unique blend of accordion, flugelhorn and vocals, an entertaining approach to the audience and imaginative and thought-provoking themes of her songs make a Pippo Miller concert a rich emotional journey that combines joy, contemplation, wonder and an inner desire to dance wake up.

Her playing is characterized by virtuosity, versatility, groove and improvisation. They mainly play their own compositions and some arrangements of songs they love. Pippo Miller is equally at home playing complex jazz compositions, grooving on forrós and Latin rhythms, playing Stevie Wonder or exploring the rich melodic and harmonic music traditions of Europe and beyond.

Fuxico is a multicultural forró band from Berlin. Their repertoire is a combination of some of the most popular classics in the Brazilian music genre and their own contemporary compositions. With stirring melodic arrangements and the characteristic rhythm as a basis, the musicians from Brazil, Germany and Chile bring their own touch to the musical style. The lyrics tell of myths, struggles and opposites, of nature and people - mostly from a woman's perspective.

Fuxico plays music that invites her audience to dance and takes her listeners on a fantastic journey to the core of Brazil.
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