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A soul food festival of a special kind

We celebrate the beginning of the cozy season with you: with a very special food festival! Try the best soul food in town: savoury and sweet pies, sausage rolls and other delicious comfort foods are waiting for you. Also, try the best wines from local vendors and Berliner Berg beer from tap.

The local heroes of comfort food are:

  • Donau101
  • Nice Pies
  • Daniel Does Food
  • Santo Taco
  • Sausage Man Never Sleeps
  • Crazy Bastard Sauces
  • Caris Vegan Cinnamon Rolls
  • Love, Wine
  • Hermelin Coffee
Attention: a part is CASH ONLY
Entry: 2€ incl. Welcome drink (Payment at the entry, kids under 12 free)
When: 21t October, 13-19pm

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