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Berlin Palace Concerts

“The Seasons” is a charming piano work by the famous Russian composer Peter Tchaikovsky. Each miniature captures the mood and peculiarities of each month, with Tchaikovsky displaying his masterful melodic composition and emotional depth. From the cheerful spring melody to the atmospheric winter landscape, “The Seasons” is a wonderful piano piece that celebrates the beauty and diversity of nature and the seasons.

Modest Mussorgsky's composition “Pictures at an Exhibition” consists of a collection of ten pieces that translate various works of art into sound. Mussorgsky's music takes you on a fascinating journey through these 'images', ranging from the majestic tones of 'Promenade' to the vivid and mysterious depictions of 'Witches' and 'The Great Gate of Kiev'. “Pictures at an Exhibition” is a masterpiece of piano music that shows the composer’s creative genius in its full glory.

  • Peter Tchaikovsky: The Seasons
  • Modest Mussorgsky: Pictures at an Exhibition

Andrey Tsvetkov | Piano

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Music in Brandenburg Castles e.V. in cooperation with the State Museums in Berlin

The program is subject to change.

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Price: €40.00

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