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Can you plant an entire forest? Can you put out the forest fire alone? What happens when you have a snake for a best friend, and what if there is a rat on the mat that just won't leave? All these questions are answered in the picture book cinema. 

Bilderbuchkino © Stiftung Humboldt Forum im Berliner Schloss, Foto: David von Becker

Every weekend, professional actors read up to three picture books to children and their families, which are projected onto the screen at the same time. The books are exciting for children from the age of three as well as for older siblings up to the age of six. 

Not only elephants in the house!

The picture books "Zimmer frei im Haus der Tiere" by Leah Goldberg, "Anna und Otis" by Maisie Paradise Shearring and "Elefanten im Haus" by Stephanie Schneider and Astrid Henn will be read. There is a beautiful room available in the House of Animals that many like. But the neighbours just don't fit - until someone finds someone who sees things quite differently. Anna's best friend lives in the house with her: her snake Otis. But many people in the city are afraid of Otis - until they get used to him and get to know him. Elephants move into Fine's house. She thinks this is great, but the neighbours don't - until Fine and her dad put their foot down.The books are exciting for children from three to six years, but will also delight older visitors.


Franziska Krol, born and raised in Berlin, is a trained actress and speaker. After studying acting at the Theatre Academy Vorpommern, she was engaged at the Anhaltisches Theater Dessau from 2007 to 2009 and then went to the Theater an der Parkaue, where she was part of the permanent ensemble for ten years, until 2019. Guest productions have taken her to the Maxim Gorki Theater Berlin, the Vorpommersche Landesbühne and the Theater Chemnitz. She works as a narrator in radio plays, commercials, readings and dubbing. She is also a singer and dancer with the Balkan cabaret band Mc Natasha & Friends, part of the bilingual performance collective Brigade Schnick Schnack and researches the Russian language. Franziska Krol lives in Berlin.  Susanne Menner's first engagement took the Black Forest native and daughter of an organ builder from Breisgau to the Freie Kammerspiele Magdeburg for three years, where she was able to let off steam in children's and adult theatre. She worked with directors such as Wolf Bunge, Franziska Ritter, Tatjana Rese, Armin Petras and Johanna Schall. Since 2006 Susanne Menner has been working as a freelancer for various theatres in Berlin. She performed her own song evening Wer hat Angst vor Dr. Stalker? as a singing, crazed therapist in 80 successful performances at the Brotfabrik. Since 2018, she could be admired in the musical Cougar as the singing finance woman Clara in Elisabeth Engstler's production in Berlin and all over Germany. Also in 2018, she performed at the Porcupines in Hans Holzbecher's production Deutschland sucht den Weihnachtsmann as the tough agent Toblerone von Matt. At the DISTEL she showed her different facets as a Montessori teacher and as the lascivious Ukrainian cleaning lady Boguscha in the cabaret piece Die Zukunft ist kein Ponyhof. She has also appeared in numerous film and TV productions, including Roman Polanski's film The Ghostwriter.

Franziska Ritter, born and raised in Berlin, studied acting at the Ernst Busch Academy of Dramatic Arts. While still a student, she appeared in films by Rainer Simon and made guest appearances at the Maxim Gorki Theatre with Thomas Langhoff and at the Deutsches Theater. Her first engagement took her to the Volkstheater Rostock, where she also directed for the first time. In 1990 she was a founding member of the Freie Kammerspiele Magdeburg and was part of the ensemble there until 2000. From 2005 to 2015 she was an ensemble member of the Theater an der Parkaue in Berlin. Franziska Ritter has been working as a freelance actress and director since 2015. She has directed in Rostock, Magdeburg, Erfurt, Halle, Gera, Leipzig, Senftenberg, Bautzen, Göttingen, Wilhelmshaven and Berlin.

Alina Vimbai Sträter was born in Duisburg in 1987. She studied acting at the Zurich University of the Arts from 2010 to 2015. During this time she studied abroad at New York University. Scholarship from the Zurich Theatre Association. First engagements at the Schauspielhaus Zurich and Schauspiel Frankfurt while still a student. In the 2015/2016 season, permanent engagement at Theater Konstanz. From 2016 to 2018 ensemble member at the Lucerne Theatre, where she worked with Julia Wissert, Nina Mattenklotz and Alexander Giesche, among others. 2018 Invitation to the Swiss Theatertreffen with its production White Out. Engagement at Grips Theater Berlin from 2019 to 2021. Since 2021 ensemble member of the Schaubühne.

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  • Access to Hall 3 is in the Schlüterhof next to the Skulpturensaal.
  • Reading
  • Children (3-6 year)
  • German
  • Wheelchair accessible

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