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There’s a lovely room for rent in the animals’ apartment block, and lots of prospective renters like it. But they all find fault with the neighbours – until someone arrives who sees everything differently. Anna shares her house with her best friend: her snake, Otis. But lots of people in the city are afraid of Otis – until they get used to him, and get to know him. A family of elephants have moved into Fine’s apartment block. She thinks it’s great, but the neighbours aren’t so amused – until Fine and her Dad put their foot down.

Exciting stories for children aged 3 to 6, but older visitors will find them entertaining too.

Come and listen to a reading of the picture books ‘Zimmer frei im Haus der Tiere’ by Leah Goldberg, ‘Anna und Otis’ by Maisie Paradise Shearring and ‘Elefanten im Haus’ by Stephanie Schneider and Astrid Henn. 

  • Tickets cost 3 EUR, reduced 1.50 EUR
  • Access to Hall 3 is in the Schlüterhof next to the Skulpturensaal.
  • Reading
  • Children (3-6 year)
  • German
  • Wheelchair accessible

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