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Come and listen to a reading of the classic picture books ‘Das kleine Gespenst. Tohuwabohu auf Burg Eulenstein’ by Otfried Preußler, Susanne Preußler-Bitsch and Daniel Napp, and ‘Das Mäuseschloss’ by Michael Bond and Emily Sutton.

Finsterwalder the castle manager is in despair: the little ghost is up to mischief in his newly-built exhibition. Suddenly the suits of armour have wigs perched on them, and the pocket alarm clock belonging to General Torsten Torstenson has disappeared. The highlight of the Earl’s exhibition is his doll’s house. But there are no dolls living there – just a family of mice. When the mouse children get up to mischief one day, the house is taken away…

Exciting stories for children aged 3 to 6, but older visitors will find them entertaining too.

  • Tickets cost 3 EUR, reduced 1.50 EUR
  • Access to Hall 3 is in the Schlüterhof next to the Sculpture Hall.
  • Reading
  • Children (3-6 years)
  • German
  • Wheelchair accessible

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