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AI: Artificial Idiots!

Homo digitalis and his analog apes. Yesterday is tomorrow's today, true. But how fast is today yesterday's tomorrow? Digitization, genetic engineering, artificial intelligence: Man is racing into the future. But instead of looking ahead, everyone is staring at their smartphones.

KEY VISUAL Philipp Weber - KI: Künstliche Idioten!
KEY VISUAL Philipp Weber - KI: Künstliche Idioten! © Simon Büttner

Homo digitalis is stumbling into the next millennium with such a stoop that he will soon have forgotten how to walk upright again. Creepy! For years, the Stasi bugged Uncle Heinz's apartment, and today he buys Alexa. Will man be replaced by machines - or liberated? Is the "end of work" coming? Great, then we will finally have time for something meaningful!

But when would man ever have done something meaningful just because he has time for it? Or are we already robots, which only dream of being humans? Paranoid Humanoid! And what has become of the promises of the future? Where is the clean fusion energy, the time machine, the downloadable beer? We will soon fly to Mars, that's great! But what do we want there?

It's a barren, empty and deadly boring place. To land on such a planet, mankind will soon not have to take a step. As an analog monkey, you really want to roar down from your tree in horror, "Oh God, man! Where do you think you're going?"

(Program in German)

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ufaFabrik: Varieté Salon
ufaFabrik: Varieté Salon