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The Philharmonic Choir Berlin is one of the most respected oratorio choirs in Germany to sing with. Under the artistic direction of Jörg-Peter Weigle, the choir works on its flexible, transparent, multi-faceted musical expression, for which it has stood since its founding in 1882. In each concert season, the Philharmonic Choir Berlin presents unknown works, world premieres or first performances in its own subscription series at the Berlin Philharmonie, alongside classics of the choral literature. The choir always works together with different orchestras and is an important musical ambassador of Berlin.

Philharmonie Berlin mit Potsdamer Platz
Philharmonie Berlin mit Potsdamer Platz © visitBerlin, Foto Wolfgang Scholvien

Work performed:

Johann Sebastian Bach: Mass in B minor BWV 232

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Participating artists
Konstantin Ingenpaß
Carmen Artaza
Katherina Müller
Jörg-Peter Weigle
Batzdorfer Hofkapelle
Philharmonischer Chor Berlin
Philharmonie Berlin