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Programmpunkt Spielzeiteröffnungsfest

Peter - like all children - doesn't always listen to the rules of his parents and grandparents. Today he is once again leaving the garden door open, which is forbidden. Peter underestimated the danger because there was a wolf lurking outside. The wolf is hungry. He makes no distinction between ducks, cats or children. They all taste equally good to him.

Peter plays outside by the pond and watches as a duck talks to his friend, the little bird. Suddenly a cat sneaks up to the little bird. Peter is frightened: "Fly, little bird, otherwise you will be eaten!" The little bird flies up the tree, the duck jumps into the pond and Peter has to go back into the house. But then comes the big, gray wolf.

The story is told by Carsten Sabrowski and Hussein Al Shatheli. The orchestra of the Komische Oper Berlin under the direction of Ivo Hentschel plays.

approx. 40 minutes

(Program in German and Arabic)

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