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The story about the boy who doesn't want to grow up is still an integral part of children's rooms today. Peter Pan is THE story about growing up, staying a kid and living your dreams.

Peter Pan - The Musical

Children and adults alike have rooted for generations when Peter Pan and Wendy take on Capt'n Hook with the help of the lost boys and the fairy Tinkerbell.

The Theater of Lights takes visitors on a fantastic journey to Neverland. The adventurous, lovingly detailed musical unfolds its very own magic when the six-person ensemble plays, dances and sings in front of the constantly changing stage set and all the heroes and villains of the story come to life.

Look forward to a magical production, lovingly enriched with shadow plays, hand puppets and stage magic. A musical for all children and children at heart who have retained their belief in fantasy and fairies.

Peter Pan - a magical adventure for the whole family.

Recommended from 4 years. A production of the Theater Lichtermeer 2013.

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