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Volksbühne is happy to welcome PCCC* the Politically Correct Comedy Club, to Berlin for their biennale Berlin edition starting off on October 5th with: Toxische Pommes, Jacinta Nandi, Gauri B, Esra Özmen & Denice Bourbon

PCCC* is a Queer Comedy Night for a Queer Audience and their Fans & Friends.

On their regular and always sold out evenings in Vienna you’ll meet dancers, writers, rappers, workers, bookshop employees, life embracers, wine drinkers – all having one thing in common: a funny story to tell.

Wien – BerlinTomato-Potato

Berlin is for Hipsters, Trustfund-Nepos and “Digital Nomads” (aka douche bags with laptops). Vienna is for Kellernazis, Kaiserin Sissi devotees and people who are too chickenshit to move to Berlin. This is what the one says about the other.

But is this true? Or do the two cities have more in common than we think? Come hear 5 performers sharing their thoughts on this.

Only 1 of them actually being from-from one of the cities, but that doesn’t stop the other 4 from having lots of opinions on the topic. Or from having lots of opinions on everything in general;
It’s queer/feminist. It’s funny. It’s PCCC*

Political Correctness according to the Oxford dictionary: “the avoidance of forms of expression or action that are perceived to exclude, marginalize, or insult groups of people who are socially disadvantaged or discriminated against.”

In short:

– Don’t be an asshole– don’t make jokes at the expense of other people’s oppression for a cheap laugh– punch up but never kick down!

Eine hälfte der Show ist auf Englisch, other half in German.

Hosted by Denice Bourbon
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