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Yoga gegen Rechts

PATRICK SALMEN says: "Welcome to my live retreat "Yoga against the Right". As usual, there's a solid mix of stand-up comedy and funny short stories. Basically two hours of super fun! Actually, I wanted to play the viola and recite elevated world literature, but I don't want to brag.

Here's a random press release that ChatGPT's soulless artificial intelligence spat out at me:

"Patrick Salmen dissects urban self-optimisers in the seemingly contradictory conflict of effective politicisation and the quiet longing for escapism. (That sounds clever). Yoga Against the Right combines short stories with dry humour, biting dialogue and razor-sharp observations. With satirical acumen and a lot of self-irony, Patrick Salmen exposes the pathological traits of mindfulness-obsessed urban neurotics, because no one knows as well as the Dortmund comedian that the person opposite you often only seems so weird because you're looking in a mirror." (This sentence clearly makes no sense!)

Hurry over and bring your inner cork mat. Afterwards, there will be shared asanas, psychedelic breathing exercises and melodic deep house.

Kisses, your Patrick Salmen
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