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A Psychothriller by Sebastian Fitzek

23 every year worldwide, they disappear during a voyage on a cruise ship. 23 that never tell you what happened. No one has ever come back. Until now, except for Anouk, a girl who disappeared half a year ago with her mother. Anouk, who reappears. In her arm she holds a teddy bear.

And it's not her own. The mysterious call comes in the middle of a mission. The police psychologist Martin Schwartz must immediately travel to England and board the cruise ship "Sultan of the Seas".

Never again did he want to board a ship, never again to expose his destroyed soul to the torments of memory. Five years ago his son disappeared with his wife on this cruise ship, nobody saw anything, the police assumed suicide. But now there are supposed to be clues as to what happened to his family. No doubt, it is his son's teddy bear. For him another world breaks down, the nightmare, which he thought couldn't get any worse, is just beginning. The ship leaves, sets off for New York. 3,000 passengers, a traumatized girl, a deeply disturbed police psychologist - and a murderer on the hunt.

Sebastian Fitzek is one of the best-known German writers. His works have so far been translated into 20 languages. As one of the few German thriller authors, he is also published in England and the USA. His total circulation is about 5 million books sold.

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Participating artists
Manfred Bitterlich (Kostüme)
Sven Seemann (Bühnenbild)
Thomas Wingrich (Regie)
Sebastian Fitzek (Autor/in)
Katrin Martin
Katharina Zapatka
Kira Lina Klemm
Susanne Meyer
Andrè Zimmermann
Jean Maesér
Alejandro Ramòn Alonso
Kristin Schulze
Nicole Bunge
Michael Fersch