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Series biegungen im ausland

Paroxysm are Werner Dafeldecker and Roy Carroll. Their precisely articulated timbre-focused music traverses malleability of material and form, pitch interactions, timbral nature and psychoacoustic phenomena, through continually shifting layers and perspectives on singularities and recurrences.

Paroxysm pull apart the temporal structure of a moment, revealing the glistening molecular density within.

They exude a certain brutality towards their materials; visceral, emotional gestures amidst the forest of oblique and parallel connections/interactions that form their work.

Combining four of the most unique voices from europe's contemporary improvised/experimental music scene, Das B. create abstract narratives via cohesive sound-worlds, drawing from the familiar and the unfamiliar alike. At times in unison, at times in parallel, yet always as a whole.

Das B. is a classic jazz line-up, brought together to play free improv, in a rather textural style.

The concert takes place as part of the Month of Contemporary Music Berlin (Monat der zeitgenössischen Musik).

Supported by Berlin Senate Departement for Culture and Community.

Presented by Digital in Berlin.


  • Roy Carroll – electroacoustic media
  • Werner Dafeldecker – double bass

Das B.

  • Mazen Kerbaj – trumpet
  • Magda Mayas – piano
  • Mike Majkowski – double bass
  • Tony Buck – drums
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