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Jan Skudlarek. Moderation Max Czollek

“Jan Skudlarek invites us to reconsider the kindergarten level of current liberal ideas of freedom. It is about nothing less than our future.”

Max Czollek

Whether vaccination, abortion ban, military service or cannabis legalization - ethical issues affect us all. Common good before self-interest? Or: My body, my decision? The philosopher Jan Skudlarek discusses the major issues in our society, uncovers common mistakes and false arguments and thus drafts a concrete handout for acting in solidarity in the age of crises.

The main work of the philosopher Hans Jonas was published more than forty years ago, in which he deals with where the freedom of the individual ends: The Principle of Responsibility. Today, the question of freedom and responsibility is more burning than ever - and at the same time unresolved. What is that actually, responsibility? Why is it so difficult for us? And why isn't everyone thought of when everyone thinks of themselves? Just as a human being is more than the sum of his cells and a city more than the sum of his houses, the current crises show us that the human community is more than the mere sum of its selfish individuals. But how does social cohesion succeed in times of crisis? In this book, Jan Skudlarek creates a new we: one that can be combined with our striving for freedom and self-determination. One that is in solidarity. A we that supports and connects instead of excluding and dividing.

“When freedom becomes toxic, solidarity is the answer. Jan Skudlarek designs a new concept of freedom that navigates us through the crises of our time. A clever, differentiated book.”

Pia Lamberty

dr Jan Skudlarek (*1986) did his doctorate on the socio-philosophical question of whether groups can act - or only individuals. Since then he has dealt with socio-philosophical topics in his books and articles. In the Corona crisis, Skudlarek is increasingly working on conspiracy theory clarification - e.g. in the context of (online) workshops he explains about conspiratorial thinking and how we can counter it. He also works as a lecturer in ethics and social policy at the Medical School Berlin (MSB) and is a member of the scientific advisory board of veritas - the advice center for those affected by conspiracy stories. Truth and Conspiracy (2019) was last published by Reclam.

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