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Book premiere

During a stay on the Canary volcanic island of La Gomera, which she spent writing and persistently observing nature, Marica Bodrožić was one day asked to look after a dog. Within a very short time he takes control of her days and perceptions.

The result is a timeless conversation with the many other animals in her life: She talks about the violence of her Dalmatian grandfather, who out of nowhere knocks out the eye of her childhood dog Chio or pushes a hungry donkey into a deep grotto. Or about the blind maternal anger in the Hessian province, which turns the human child into an animal child.

However, instead of perceiving this assigned animal becoming as a degradation, the animals' gaze becomes a place of security that eliminates the boundaries between bodies and introduces new conditions of suspension. This creates a reflection on people and nature, and on fear, vulnerability and sadness, which, once overcome, ushers in a song of praise to life. In flashbacks, memories and philosophical forays, this poetic fabric invokes the present, in which animals, unlike people, are the pure present.

Marica Bodrožić, born in Dalmatia in 1973, moved to Hesse in 1983. She writes poems, novels, stories and essays that have been translated into seventeen languages. She has been awarded numerous prizes for her work to date, most recently the Manès Sperber Literature Prize for her complete works and the Irmtraud Morgner Literature Prize 2023.

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