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What languages does Berlin write in? One of the most important and diverse poets of German-Russian literary life in Berlin is being celebrated on his 80th birthday: Boris Schapiro! His long-time Berlin poet friend Ulrich Grasnick and the internationally acclaimed pianist Mikhail Mordvinov have also been invited to this bilingual reading.

The evening will be hosted by Martin Jankowski.
An evening in German, Russian and Hebrew with translations.

Admission: 5 euros / reduced 3 euros (box office only)

Sunday, 28.04.2024, 19:00 h

Location: PANDA platforma (KulturBrauerei)
Knaackstraße 97
10435 Berlin
Additional information
Participating artists
Boris Schapiro
Martin Jankowski
Mikhail Mordvinov
Ulrich Grasnick