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The starting point for the exhibition "Class Issues - Art and its Conditions of Production" was the numerous changing roles of the curators and members of the nGbK working group "Class Issues" as artists, assistants, mediators and trade unionists in the art field.

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Their everyday life includes hoping for funding as well as cross-financing their artistic work through precarious jobs. The awareness of the personal responsibility of their decision is contrasted with concrete demands for more equal opportunities, transparency and redistribution.

The event begins with the performance "art is someone else's illness" by MYSTI - a critical look at the function of art and working conditions in the art field. These issues are then discussed by members of the nGbK working group "Class Issues" with Marina Schulze, who adds an intergenerational perspective to the conversation.

With the nGbK working group Class Issues, Marina Schulze and a performance by MYSTI.

Moderation: Jacqueline Saki Aslan

(Program in German)
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The Berlinische Galerie was evaluated in 2019 by "Travelling for All" and awarded the certificate "Accessibility Tested".
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