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reading and discussion

On April 10, 1981, the then 23-year-old Matthias Domaschk embarked on a train journey to Berlin to attend a birthday party. But he never reaches his destination, because the full train is stopped in Jüterbog, and Matthias and three other people from Jena are arrested, interrogated and taken to the Stasi prison in Gera. Two days later Matthias is dead.

The book grippingly tells the last hours of Matthias Domaschk, whereby the case is reconstructed on the basis of carefully researched Stasi files. But the book goes beyond the purely factual. In flashbacks, it draws a portrait of a group of young people who rebelled against the lack of freedom in the GDR.

Peter Wensierski, journalist and author from Berlin, will present the book as part of a reading and a discussion. The event will be moderated by Dr. Stefan Wolle, the scientific director of the DDR Museum in Berlin. It offers an opportunity to delve deeper into the subject matter and gain insight into the history and personal stories behind the Matthias Domaschk case.

The event will be broadcast on the DDR Museum's YouTube channel.
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