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Travel across Pankow's music history with a free audio tour. Pankow celebrates 75 years of Udo Lindenberg and the #sonderzugnachpankow.

In May 2021, Udo Lindenberg celebrated his 75th birthday. The performer of the famous song "Sonderzug nach Pankow" has ennobled the Berlin district of Pankow in terms of pop culture. He managed to make Pankow popular in both parts of Germany and beyond.

Tourismusverein Pankow e.V. and TIC Kultur- und Tourismusmarketing Berlin Pankow congratulate the singer and take this anniversary as an opportunity to draw attention to the special significance of music, event and concert history in the district. The main focus is on the versatile and great musicians, songs and venues that let Pankow shine in musical splendor then and now.

The "Pankow Music Tour" is a digital, free audio tour of Pankow's musical history and present. A total of 15 stations in Pankow, Prenzlauer Berg and Weißensee are professionally prepared and made audible through musical anecdotes, personal experiences, exciting background information and private memories.

Original audio tracks, interviews and concert snippets are used to guide the music-interested listeners through the music history of the district and to the important sites of Pankow in an entertaining and varied way.

Among others, Alec Völkel from BossHoss, Wolfgang Niedecken from BAP, Philipp Grütering from Deichkind, Kiki Sauer from the 17 Hippies, Sybil Franke and Judith Engelhardt from Velomax, BestialeBeatz, Dr. Klaus Koch from Buschfunkverlag, the Swinging Hermlins, Erik Lautenschläger from Prag, Felix Meyer, Volker Mietke, Gerald Ponesky, Rainer Börner and many others will have their say on the tour.

The tour is available via the free apps guidemate and Digiwalk.

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