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Graphic designer Christine Klemke invites grandparents, parents with and without children to a painting event in the Klemke studio.

In summer, you often need sunglasses and a sun hat. On this afternoon, under the guidance of Mrs. Klemke, everyone can create their own sun hat with brushes and colours on paper. Fruit, vegetables, flowers, brushes - the main thing is colourful, funny, beautiful or original.

The pictures will later be exhibited in the Wolfdietrich Schnurre Library with the consent of the participants.

Date: Friday, 04.08.2023
Times: 3:00 and 5:00 p.m.

Location: Klemke Studio
                 Tassostraße 21, 13086 Berlin

Free admission
Organiser: Wolfdietrich Schnurre Library with the support of DRAUSSENSTADT

Please register in time under: (030) 90295 3867

(Program in German)
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