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After appearances at the Reeperbahn Festival, Nürnberg Pop or KiezKultur Festival, support shows for Trille, Paul Weber and Kicker Dibs, and more than half a million streams on Spotify alone, the indie-pop duo Ottolien will be going on tour in late autumn 2023, to coincide with the release of their debut album, Wir tun uns so gut weh.

Ottolien are the brothers Leo and Jonas. One is a producer, rapper and beat tinkerer and the other a cerebral songwriter with an acoustic guitar. In their lyrics rhyme structures meet a visual language that makes no pop-cultural reference. From hymns to Meerjungfrau:männer to the unspoken love between Franka & Laurien to Querfeldein.

Experiencing the two brothers Ottolien live, so much love jumps into one's face that one is suddenly part of the family. If this family had a musical family tree, the Toten Hosen, Maeckes and Wir sind Helden would be on the branches. The brothers are completed by the incredible live drummer Jannis Vernier (Philine Sonny, anaïs, Uche Yara). Their interplay results in something needed: great melodies, playful lyrics and a live show that connects people instead of dividing them. Ottolien is the last name.

Please use advance booking. Tickets are also available at the bar in the ART Stalker during opening hours, there are no additional online fees.

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