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Nordic art biennial Screen City explores the limits of human consciousness through the moving image.

From 23 September to 20 October, Berlin becomes a platform for contemporary art from moving image, sound, technology and architecture. Under the title "Other Minds", this year's Screen City Biennale (SCB) explores the borderline states of human consciousness and relates the idea of being human to beings of other species such as plants, bacteria and fungi as well as to different forms of technology. 

Veranstaltungen in Berlin: Other Minds
© Screen City Biennial 2022

Through a series of installations, performances, screenings, art walks, and virtual and augmented reality experiences, internationally renowned artists - including Jacob Kirkegaard, Jenna Sutela, Metahaven, Lundahl & Seitl, Eli Cortiñas and Anna Ehrenstein - seek to expand the notion of the human and explore the connections between all that is living and non-living on both a planetary and microcosmic scale. 

Humanoid robots and chatbots, the use of psychedelic plants as an experimental cure for depression, nuclear physics findings from the archives of CERN, the acts of decomposition and autopsy, and traditional divination methods that interpret patterns in coffee cups are just a few of the many epistemological themes explored by the sometimes radical artworks in this year's Biennale programme - including numerous world premieres.

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