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A summer night: the chirping of cicadas, southern light and the nearby murmur of the ocean? Or maybe a love-mad game of deception with a fairy queen and a puck in the tradition of Shakespeare? It is not that obvious what the viewers can expect from the third "original edition", the reading series of the Schreibhain author school, in the cozy courtyard of the bread factory.

Only so much can be revealed in advance: It will travel from Germany to Mexico and tropical and subtropical areas will be entered. Fled from a Tinder date, ended up in Rome – far away from the crowds of tourists – a church, and experienced what else confessionals can be used for.

These short sentences are by no means exhaustive of what the eight Schreibhain graduates and scholarship holders will surprise the audience with this time. In addition to everything that their lyrics tell us, they also tell us what drives them personally when writing, how they work and what they hope for in the future.

Ada Badey, Cat Stray, Charlotte Sofia Garraway, Alexandra Harth, Lisa-Marie Lehner, Leh-Wei Liao, Lena Schätte and Ta-Som Yun will read. The evening will be moderated by Tanja Steinlechner, the owner and director of the Schreibhain School of Authors.
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