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Early and new music by female composers with the ensemble OrgaVoce

The trio OrgaVoce, founded in Berlin, is dedicated to old & new music. Today women can be anything - they are poets and thinkers, conductors and composers, priests or physicists. Back then this was not so self-evident - and we see that even today it is not self-evident everywhere. Until the 20th century, it was only possible for women in Europe to make music in exceptional cases and even more rarely to compose. Professionalism of women was not desired.

Ensemble OrgaVoce
Ensemble OrgaVoce © Ev. Kirchengemeinde Heilig Kreuz - Passion

Therefore, only a few women composers of early music can be found whose music has been preserved and printed. OrgaVoce wants to give them a voice and present them alongside wonderful, well-known and proven colleagues. In addition, the young Israeli composer Ruth Alon has composed contemporary pieces especially for OrgaVoce.

  • Soprano: Laura Barchetti
  • Mezzo-soprano: Helen Ispirian
  • Organ/Alto: Karolina Juodelyte
Admission: 10€, reduced 5€
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Heilig-Kreuz-Kirche (Kreuzberg)