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The largest exhibition of orchids in Berlin

The largest orchid exhibition in Berlin is open from September 23 to 25 in the New Glass House of the Botanical Garden Berlin. On almost 1000m², a colorful sea of orchid blossoms will be presented to the visitors from the approx. 25,000 orchid natural forms and their uncounted hybrids.

KEY VISUAL Orchideen-Show 2022
KEY VISUAL Orchideen-Show 2022 © Botanischer Garten Berlin

After a four-year forced break by Corona, the popular Berlin Orchid Exhibition can finally bring the fascinating world of orchids back to the Botanical Garden as a three-day special theme.

Invited orchid nurseries and various regional groups of the German Orchid Society e.V. will create 15 appealing exhibition stands, some with rarities that are otherwise rarely shown. For example, when was the last time you saw a Dracula?

  • The Berlin cactus friends are again with a show and information stand as a guest.
  • For the first time the beekeeper association Jüterbog informs about the hobby beekeeping and the important tasks of the bees (also the tropical ones, which pollinate the orchids).
  • Questions about the orchid hobby, such as repotting (which will be demonstrated practically), plant protection, etc. will be answered by knowledgeable members of the German Orchid Society.
  • The necessary accessories for the orchid hobby, such as planting materials, pesticides, pots, etc., can also be purchased again.
  • A small selection of antiquarian orchid literature expands the offer.
  • The visitors' thirst for knowledge will be quenched with expert guided tours through the exhibition.
  • Orchid nurseries will offer an overwhelming range of orchids of many species, shapes and colors, as well as companion plants.

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Opening hours:
daily from 09:00 - 18:30

Admission costs € 7.50 with the combined ticket, reduced € 4.50 and entitles you to visit the Botanical Garden and the orchid exhibition. For the first time, the ticket can also be purchased online on the Botanical Garden's homepage.  This avoids waiting times at the ticket office.
Botanischer Garten Berlin - Neues Glashaus
Botanischer Garten Berlin - Neues Glashaus