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“The opening” instantly transform audience’s night dreams into choreographic situations, cultivating a sense of community, intimacy, and openness. Spectators are invited to bring their dreams to the theatre, and these dreams become content for the stage work. Anna embodies images from audience’s dreams and uses dreaming principles to compose live unrepeatable dances, accompanied by live music of Jasmine Guffond and live light design of Aleksandr Prowaliński.

One dream at a time, a unique composition is built for the individual who brought the dream, and for the whole temporary community, who dive into the story together.

Spectators’ dreams come true through a highly physical dance, playful, light and full of hope.

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Performance: Anna Nowicka

Music: Jasmine Guffond

Light design: Aleksandr Prowaliński

Dreamaturgy: Annika Stadler


A production by Anna Nowicka in co-production with DOCK ART.