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Pretty & Delicious things / Children's Programme / Music / Films and more

At the market you will find: graphics, prints, jewellery, ceramics, woven, crocheted, sewn and other handmade and upcycled items I books and magazines I vinyls I merch and publications by silent green tenants. Furthermore: Historical guided tours and a variety of treats from MARS I Café & Bar.

KEY VISUAL Open House mit Winterfest im silent green
KEY VISUAL Open House mit Winterfest im silent green silent green / Form und Konzept


Saturday, December 3
  • 2 pm–8 pm Market, handicrafts, culinary
  • 1.30 pm Guided Tour (in German)
  • 2 pm–5 pm !K7 Music presents: DJ set Getair I foyer Betonhalle
  • 2.30 pm Filmscreening Girls / Museum (Shelly Silver, 2020, 71’)* | Kuppelhalle
  • 3 pm Musicboard presents: Concert Baal & Mortimer I Betonhalle
  • 4 pm Guided Tour (in German)
  • 4 pm Musicboard presents: concert Baby Smith I Betonhalle
  • 5 pm–6 pm Fairy tale reading with Nathalie David and Hildegard Schmahl: Runges Fairy tales | Kuppelhalle (in German)
  • 5 pm–8 pm !K7 Music presents: DJ set Karleigh I foyer Betonhalle
  • 6 pm silent green presents: Daniela Huerta, Hybrid LIVE I Betonhalle
  • 8 pm Filmscreening Soylent Green (Richard Fleischer, 1973, 97‘) I Kuppelhalle
Sunday, December 4
  • noon–6 pm Market, handicrafts, culinary
  • noon–1.45 pm Films for children by Harun Farocki (1973–77, 35’ in loop) I Kuppelhalle
  • noon–3 pm !K7 Music presents: DJ set Imad & Hot Sauce Felix I foyer Betonhalle
  • 1 pm Musicboard presents: concert AKA KELZZ I Betonhalle
  • 1.30 pm Guided Tour EN
  • 2 pm Musicboard presents: concert Wayne Snow I Betonhalle
  • 2.30 pm–4 pm Arsenal presents: cinema for children & sound workshop (for children from the age of 6) I Collective scoring of Le Voyage dans la Lune (Georges Méliès),  with composer and silent film pianist Eunice Martins I Kuppelhalle
  • 3 pm–6 pm !K7 Music presents: DJ Set Azubi Tsukino I foyer Betonhalle
  • 4 pm Guided Tour
  • 4 pm silent green presents: concert MimiCof, LIVE I Betonhalle
  • 6 pm Film screening Christmas on Earth (Barbara Rubin, 1963, 29’), FSK 18 I with live-scoring of Xiu Xiu I Kuppelhalle
In the studio cinema of the concrete hall, the Best Of Pictoplasma 2022 (FSK 16) will be shown all day during the entire Winter Festival.

Free admission to the whole program.

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