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Even the jungle camp can't do without a naked participant on the Playboy cover.

Muscled men with chicken-brown skin, beak-lipped women with all-round body tuning: At first glance, the bodies of the typical participants in fumbling-intensive formats like Love Island and Are you the One? like a showcase of self-optimization that has gotten a little out of control.

Anja Rützel talks to Samara El Ouassil, author, columnist and trash TV connoisseur, about what lies behind these physicalities: What ideas of love, what surprisingly strict moral codes are hidden behind these shrill appearances? And is it really true what trash TV veteran Micaela Schäfer once confided to Anja Rützel: “Four breasts are better than two”?

ONLY FANS - THE TRASH TV SALON: Sense and silicone

  • WITH Anja Rützel and Samira El Ouassil
  • Special Guest: Stella Sommer (Music)

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Participating artists
Anja Rützel (Moderation)
Samira El Ouassil
Stella Sommer